La Chapelle D'Abondance



Just down the road from Chatel is the lovely village of La Chapelle d'Abondance, which has a good selection of excellent restaurants and its own skiing areas, which are also part of the Portes Du Soleil.


The La Chapelle ski area are divided into 2...



The Braitaz sector of La Chapelle d'Abondance is included in the Chatel Valley ski pass and is accessed via the Barbossine sector of Chatel or via the Panthiaz gondola that runs up from the outskirts of La Chapelle. There are several lifts in the area and it can be a pleasantly quiet option, with some pleasant pistes and outstanding views.


Cret Beni:

La Chapelle also has a lovely area called Cret Beni, which is a short bus drive away, but is worth a look if you get the chance. There you will find a family orientated and laid back area with a couple of chairs and a few drags with some nice runs. There is also a snowpark. The area has good coverage with snow canons.

There is a regular bus service from this area back to Chatel.



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